Why Do We Need:

Donald J. Trump

As President of our United States and

Gov. Mike Pense

As Vice-President

This election is different. In the previous elections we had a choice of two versions of essentially the same agenda. But this election is a choice between good and evil. What is good is our constitution and the Bill of rights. What is evil is the News World Order that wants to enslave us by controlling every aspect of our lives. In the full implementation of the NWO, all the air, water, land, food, medications, vaccines, education, money and right to travel belong to and are controlled by the state. The NWO is for open borders, a New World Currency [RFID], and a massive 90% depopulation by means of abortion, forced sterilization, and toxic air, water, food and vaccines.

Therefore I, and many others, will only vote for those politicians that support us and will defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I will NOT vote for anyone who supports the NWO as defined by United Nations Agenda 21. And that includes anyone funded by Monsanto who wants to control all the food, or any other part of the industrial-media-education complex that wants dumbed down obedient slaves. Who are YOU going to vote for?.

Note that both Putin and Trump support the people of their county and are very much opposed to the NWO. Note that the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama fully support the very evil NWO. Currently I do not know Newt Gingrich's stand on the NWO. Does he believe in forced sterilization and poisoning of young children?

Poisons added to our air, water, food, medications & vaccines to promote depopulation is part of the U. S. Eugenics Program mandated by the United Nations. Most politicians support this mandate, but exempt them selves. i.e. Both the White House and the Congressional Cafeteria serve organic [non-GMO] food and drink. Chemtrails are not allowed where the President goes.

In the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, both Obama and Romney supported Monsanto and genetically modified foods. I know Republicans who voted for the Green Party rater then voting for harmful food. There are many of us who demand that the Presidential candidate support healthy air, water, food and vaccines that work without mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde. We also demand that foods containing GMOs, or more then 50 mcg/dl [or 50 mcg/100g] of mercury, lead, arsenic, glyphosate or 2,4-D be labeled as to the poison and quantity. [We are talking about millions of voters.] Neither food nor vadccines should contain compounds that sterilize without first a big warning to end recipient.

Anyone who deals with Donald J. Trump must know how to read a contract very carefully. The contracts he signs always favor him. He does his best to fulfil his portion of the contract, but others who sign sometimes end up with less then they think they bargened for. All binding promises must be part of the contract. When negociating with foreign countries, Donald J. Trump will find their lawyers to be as tough as his lawyers. What is important is a fair deal. He will not give away the store.

Congress will also find him to be tough. He is willing to help those in need, but he expects some effort in return. Able bodied men and women unwilling to work will not receive the amount of help they think they deserve. I am looking forward to having deals that favor us.

The biggest problem congress will have is that unlike most of Congress and our current Preisent, Trump will not support disolving the Unite States to form a New World Order State comprised of Cuba, mexico, Canada, and what was the United States. This NWO state would be complelely controlled by the New World Order.

A very important topic in this election is the value of money. As most of us know, the continued printing of paper currency without the backing of gold has caused a significant loss of value of the dollar. The rest of the World has noticed and is now rejecting the dollar as a standard of value. So far, 57 nations have formed an alliance to create a new currency backed by gold. This will make eveything much more expensive for us. The FED has manipulated our money for their benefit, not ours, for a very long time. It is the 1% that want to control the World [Agenda 21] that are fighting every way then can to keep the current system. They will fail. Are you ready for the collapse of the dollar? Watch the Video American Genocide - David Hodges to open your eyes. You may find this short Trailer informative: AGENDA 2: Masters of Deceit (Trailer) AgendaDocumentary.com from Copybook Heading Productions LLC on Vimeo.

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